When to lay a good hand down

As a regular poker gamer I can assure that poker cannot be taken as a past time, at least until the creation of the internet. When it comes to poker online so much effort has been put to make it fun, accessible and neat that it is very difficult not to have a good time with it.

The majority of sites reflect a happy vibe atmosphere in which you can relax from home and enjoy the commodities of an online room. Support chat and other gamers can really hype up the way you experience the site. Although the game itself has a very serious kind of atmosphere surrounding it, the mind set is for the user to have fun. However, I always think it’s a good idea to play with at least a little strategy in the game (you can find good strategy guides here!), as there’s no need for you to just throw your money away, which brings us to todays topic:

Should you ever fold pocket aces?

Getting two aces, or Pocket Rockets as they are commonly referred to as, is the best possible hand you can have preflop. This means you will always be a favorite to win the pot before the flop, turn and river are dealt, no matter what cards your opponents are holding. The only exception is if someone else on the same table has been dealt the other two aces and sits with the same hand as you, in which case you both have the same chances of winning. If you would like to learn more about odds in poker, follow this link!

The more players that join the pot, the less chance your hand will have of winning – but so will everyone else’s to. So in a money game, if all the people at the table are moving all in before the flop it would still make sense for you to move in, as the hand will still be a favorite to win against any hand. Even though you might still lose, you will win in the long run by doing so. But that’s only for money games.

The only time it could be considered reasonable to fold pocket aces before the flop, is when you play tournaments, and even then, if you play enough tournaments you will probably gain in the long run by always moving in with AA. However, if the prize for the tournament is really high and it means a lot two you (find out more about casino and poker tournaments on webites such as pokeronline.pw, you can actually consider folding pocket aces in this scenario: If you are on the button and being dealt AA, and the three people that act before you move in on you, and they all have more money than you do, and you know them to be rather tight players meaning that you will be up against AA, AK, KK or QQ. In this case, your pre flop chances of winning the pot might actually be under 50%, and knowing that the possibility of two of your opponents getting defeated can take you higher up the prize pool, you might want to fold your pocket rockets in this particular situation.

For more useful info on poker strategies, i recommend you visit a great site I found the other day at pokerz.es!

Online casinos or Land-based Casinos, what’s best?

When hearing the word “casino”, surely most of us get an image in our head of someone walking in to a luxurious building in Vegas or Monte Carlo, wearing a nicely pressed suit and a big chunk of cash. He sits down at a table and orders a drink, lights up a cigar and gets ready to win big. The ladies are checking him out, and people are cheering him on as he places his bets on the Blackjack table.

Now, how many people have actually experienced that? In reality, very few of us actually go to casinos, and if you live in a smaller city or town, you might not have the opportunity to do so. And unless you hit up Vegas, chances are that the reality of a land based casino might not be as glamorous as you’ve imagined it.

Gambling was revolutionized in the late 90’s when online casinos started to pop up. All of a sudden, people could stay in their own homes to play all the games that were available in the casinos in the city, at sites like Betfair. Okay, maybe not all of the games (in the 90’s anyway), but you get the point. As the years went on, the software got better and gambling reached a much wider audience as it became so easily accessible. As of 2012, online gambling is really popular and the amount of people playing online have widely surpassed the amount of people playing the land based casinos.

So which type of gambling is better? Well, we’re not going to decide for you, as there are pro’s and con’s for both, so it really comes down to your individual preferences. The thing we like about playing online is that everything is just at your hands; you don’t need to walk around or deal with anything else, and just focus 100% on your game. There are no external distractions that you can’t control, and as for the gaming experience itself, it’s safe to say that computer technology have reached a point where the games are designed so well that it’s not much different from “the real thing”. Besides, online casino sites, such as LbAupestas, often offer other types of gambling than just casino games, like sports betting.

From a social point of view, land based casinos are obviously a better choice. If you are someone who wants the full experience, meet new people, watching the dealers and the players then we definitely recommend that you visit a land based casino when the mood strikes.

This, of course, is not a one way path you have to follow! Some people like playing online as much as they like playing in “real” casinos. I recommend you to read some more guides about both online gaming as well as live gambling in order to build your own opinion. A great site with a lot of material on this is the Spanish site Tragamonedas.pm!

Things to do before you start trading

Many people make the mistake of getting into forex trading head first without knowing what they are doing. This applies especially to young people. They hear about forex trading from one source or another, and next thing you know they have their goal set on becoming the next trader on the wall of fame. The mistake they make is that they start off by registering to a forex broker, make a deposit and start trading straight away. Patience is the key here. As I’m sure you are aware of there are risks involved in any form of trades, so why would you start taking those risks before you have acquired the skills to judge whether a trade is good or bad?

Online forex trading is not really something that you learn simply by doing it a lot. I mean, sure, some people might be able to learn that way, if they are especially talented, but it certainly not the quickest or most effective way of learning.

I always recommend new traders to start off by creating a demo account at a forex broker when they first sign up. The sweet thing about these accounts is that they let you trade risk free, as you are not investing any real money into any trades – you simply use “fun-money” that you can trade, and you will then get to see what your results would have been. Once you’ve created your demo account I would advise that you read up on a few guides that you can find online. At the very least you should at least learn the first keys to trading, and the basics of how the market works and what sort of happenings will affect it.

Once you’ve started trading with your demo account and you feel more and more comfortable doing so, it might be time to make your first deposit and start trading. A word of warning though: Even though you might have had loads of success on your demo account, don’t take for granted that the same type of success will happen straight away when you start trading for real money! The reason for this is of course the fact that there is no risk involved in the demo trading. Therefore you will not be emotionally involved in your trades, and you decision making will therefore not be affected by your emotional investment. When you start trading for real money, you will probably notice quite quickly how things just turn more “real” very quickly!

Another tip I want to give new traders is to start small! It’s much better to start of by trading with money that you can comfortably afford to lose, rather than putting all your savings into your account straight away! You can read a lot more about forex trading and how it works on forextrading.pm!

Gambling before the internet

This is going to be somewhat of a nostalgic post, as I was just thinking back of the good old days. Remember a time before the internet had been born to change our lives, and provided us with the luxury of letting us run 80% of our errands online from the comfortable seats of our sofas? A time where you actually had to step out the door if you wanted to be involved in some sort of activities? I mean, these days, I do all my casino gaming online at sites such as Botemania and other websites I find using online services like casinoonline.re!

Me and a couple of friends hit up the local casino a couple of days ago, something we haven’t done for a really long time. I spend most my casino time online these days, like everyone else I guess, and lately I have been trying out different casinos that got good reviews on jugaronline.org, which is a great source of knowledge when it comes to casino play. Although I really like to play online, going to the casino is an experience in itself. I always feel a bit glamorous when I step inside, and usually I don’t dress up very nice in my daily life, but we were all wearing jackets and shirt, and it was nice for a change.

We hit up the blackjack table, me and my two buddies. There was a couple there already, a man and a lady in what I guess was their mid forties. The man was trying to teach his partner how to play, and although we didn’t mind her fumbling around with the casino chips, she politely sat out and ordered a drink as we joined the table. We all had a really good time playing blackjack and it turned out the couple next to us were actually celebrating their anniversary, and got inspired to go to the casino by a James Bond movie they’d seen a couple of years ago.

As we played on I was on a losing streak so I excused myself and proceeded to walk over to the section were the slot machines are located and try my luck there. The first thing that struck me was how old fashioned it felt, actually having to pull the handle in order for the machine to start spinning. Being used to playing high quality slots online, on several different online casinos (you can find some of my favorites here!), I’ve also been a bit spoiled when it comes to graphics and I felt like I had traveled back in time almost. However, I soon forgot about that as soon as I hit the mini jackpot and took home £200!

All in all it was just a great night, and although I prefer to play online for most of the time, we are definitely going to do this more often!

Binary trading – general tips

I started trading on the binary market a few years ago. Just like many people at the time, I had no experience in trading financially, and I was just as confused as you would have expected. However, the reason I got into it is because my friend suggested it to me. I have always been a bit of a gambler, and I felt like I was searching for something new, as online gambling can get a bit monotonous in the long run. When my friend told me about binary trading he explained that it actually has a lot of similarities to certain forms of gambling, but that it also had the advantage of allowing the trader to control the outcome of the trades if he’s knowledgeable enough. In this article I wanted to share with you some basic tips that can make your first steps into binary trading a bit easier.

Knowledge comes first

When you start off in binary trading, I wouldn’t advice you to go straight to a binary broker and make a deposit and start trading the first thing you do. You have to understand that in binary trading, knowledge is the most valuable tool that we use in order to achieve success. This made a lot of sense to me, as if you are just guessing when you trade, you are pretty much just gambling with your money anyway, and that wasn’t what I wanted. I left the roulette table for a reason, and I made sure that I had a good solid base to stand on before I started to trade. A great place to start if you are new is to read the guides that binaryoptions.pm provides on their website. They have  a lot of useful tips that you can build your strategies from, and they also review binary brokers, which makes it easier for you to find one.

Get involved in the scene

The best way to learn binary options, in my opinions, is to make it a natural part of your life. You’ll have a much easier time learning it if you get to know some other traders that you can share ideas and strategies with. A good way of doing so is to choose a binary broker which offers a trading community integrated on their website. Here, people from all over the world can communicate with each other, and you are bound to find some new friends – at least you have one interest in common that you can use to get to know them with!

Avoid the scams

Before you sign up to a binary options website, you should always make sure that the site is legitimate. This means that the broker you visit should have a license to run the operation that they do, so that you know that you are in a safe environment when you trade online! You can find safe and reliable binary brokers on this page!

Does it matter if you win or lose in bingo?

I’m sure you haven’t missed the latest craze in the online gambling world: Bingo! More and more people are trying this “new” and exciting way of gambling for money online, and there seems to be an almost infinite stream of new players discovering the game every day on the internet. Gambling has for a very long time been a popular activity in most countries all over the world, and I guess it’s natural, since it’s bound to make you excited,, not knowing whether you will win lots of money or don’t’. However, I think there are a right way and a wrong way to go about online bingo.

Some people seem to being visiting places like balloonbingo.com or other popular bingo sites with the intention to become rich. Sure, you can become rich by playing bingo online if you happen to be lucky all of the time, but in reality, most players don’t win that much – I think they actually lose money most of the time they play. Since bingo is a game of chance, we can’t really develop any skills in order to increase our chances of winning, so what is the point of actually starting gamble with the intention of making money? We have no control over the outcome in the game, so you’re pretty much bound to be disappointed. That said, there are still a few ways of bettering your chances of winning that you could do sort of “outside” the actual game, of which you can read more at sites like BingoYa.org.

Myself, I have a different mindset when I gamble online. I do it because it simple and plain entertainment. I mean, it’s just so funny to play bingo online. If you detach yourself from the outcome of the game, you will be able to enjoy the game much more intensely! I see way too many people who become upset when they lose a lot of money and I really don’t see the point in that. First of all, you should only play bingo with money that you can comfortably afford to lose; otherwise you’re pretty much setting yourself up for disaster. You can find out more about why this is so important at sites like bingoonline.pw and bingo.li (click here to visit!). They both  If you only play for money that you can lose without it affecting you in anyway, you can actually enjoy the game for what it is: entertainment. Compare it to going to the cinema, for example. When you go to the cinema, you will pay a bit to get a good experience, and that is the way you should think when you play bingo online! You make a deposit, and you don’t expect to win, all you want is a fun way to pass your free time, and you wil try to have a great experience regardless of whether you win or lose. Sure, if you hit a winning streak happen to make money from time to time, that is great, but it’s really just a bonus. Never expect to win loads!

If you manage to internalize this mindset, you will have a much better time in the online bingo halls. I always see negative people in the chatroom of different bingo websites, and I really don’t see why they would want to play at all. If you really don’t like losing, why don’t you choose to play a game that you can actually develop a skill set in. That way, you can actually have some control of the outcome, and you can rightfully be disappointed when you lose, as you know that it’s because of your own fault. In online bingo you don’t have this control and therefore you can’t really blame yourself when you are losing. Too many people forget about having fun most of the time, and I think they would be much better off by stop taking it so seriously and just see it as a way to relax and have some fun! If you would like to find out more about online bingo, there are plenty of articleson sites like juegosdelbingo.es!

What it takes to become successful at sports betting

I became interested in gambling at a very young age, and I have kept that interest ever since. When I was a kid I was like most kids: I played in the local football-team and dreamt of becoming a professional football player. Then when I was eleven year’s old, I was unfortunate enough to break a leg as I fell down a climbing wall on the school yard. The fracture was pretty bad, and I’m still having problems running to this day. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, this ended my dream of a football career before it had even begun, but I was still interested in sports. So when the other kids where off to play matches, my dad would take me to the bookmakers and let me fill in his coupon before going to watch the games together. I never won much does days, but it set the spark inside of me that have kept me interested all these years.

Nowadays I do almost all my betting online, as it is much more convenient. The first thing I look for in a sportsbook is always the bonuses. I don’t really care if the website doesn’t have the best odds out of all the competition, if they have a good bonus I think it’s worth trying out. You can find a lot of great sportsbook bonuses on websites like for example Apuestas Deportivos, which is a great place to start if you want to make a bet! I also like to switch around between sites so there’s a good thing you have so many options!

There are a lot of people who are interested in sports betting, most of them do it as hobby, but there are also a lot of people trying to make a career out of it, but only a few percent actually succeed. What you have to understand that as with any form of gambling, there’s always a chance that you will get unlucky and lose money, so you have to gather as much knowledge and experience as possible to make your judgments better. Using Google, or other search engines, you can find several good gaming portals, which offers a lot of good information on how to become good at sports betting.

The key to success in sports betting is, unsurprisingly, dedication. As with anything you want to get good at, you will need to put in a lot of time and effort to make it work. We don’t evolve over night when it comes to other areas in life, so why should this be any different? So start reading up on more betting guides (there are bunch of good tips at pronosticoquiniela.eu), as well as keeping updated on the sports world in general. If you want to be a professional punter, you have to start viewing sports betting as a profession and put your effort in to making it work.

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