Gambling before the internet

This is going to be somewhat of a nostalgic post, as I was just thinking back of the good old days. Remember a time before the internet had been born to change our lives, and provided us with the luxury of letting us run 80% of our errands online from the comfortable seats of our sofas? A time where you actually had to step out the door if you wanted to be involved in some sort of activities? I mean, these days, I do all my casino gaming online at sites such as Botemania and other websites I find using online services like!

Me and a couple of friends hit up the local casino a couple of days ago, something we haven’t done for a really long time. I spend most my casino time online these days, like everyone else I guess, and lately I have been trying out different casinos that got good reviews on, which is a great source of knowledge when it comes to casino play. Although I really like to play online, going to the casino is an experience in itself. I always feel a bit glamorous when I step inside, and usually I don’t dress up very nice in my daily life, but we were all wearing jackets and shirt, and it was nice for a change.

We hit up the blackjack table, me and my two buddies. There was a couple there already, a man and a lady in what I guess was their mid forties. The man was trying to teach his partner how to play, and although we didn’t mind her fumbling around with the casino chips, she politely sat out and ordered a drink as we joined the table. We all had a really good time playing blackjack and it turned out the couple next to us were actually celebrating their anniversary, and got inspired to go to the casino by a James Bond movie they’d seen a couple of years ago.

As we played on I was on a losing streak so I excused myself and proceeded to walk over to the section were the slot machines are located and try my luck there. The first thing that struck me was how old fashioned it felt, actually having to pull the handle in order for the machine to start spinning. Being used to playing high quality slots online, on several different online casinos (you can find some of my favorites here!), I’ve also been a bit spoiled when it comes to graphics and I felt like I had traveled back in time almost. However, I soon forgot about that as soon as I hit the mini jackpot and took home £200!

All in all it was just a great night, and although I prefer to play online for most of the time, we are definitely going to do this more often!

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