Online casinos or Land-based Casinos, what’s best?

When hearing the word “casino”, surely most of us get an image in our head of someone walking in to a luxurious building in Vegas or Monte Carlo, wearing a nicely pressed suit and a big chunk of cash. He sits down at a table and orders a drink, lights up a cigar and gets ready to win big. The ladies are checking him out, and people are cheering him on as he places his bets on the Blackjack table.

Now, how many people have actually experienced that? In reality, very few of us actually go to casinos, and if you live in a smaller city or town, you might not have the opportunity to do so. And unless you hit up Vegas, chances are that the reality of a land based casino might not be as glamorous as you’ve imagined it.

Gambling was revolutionized in the late 90’s when online casinos started to pop up. All of a sudden, people could stay in their own homes to play all the games that were available in the casinos in the city, at sites like Betfair. Okay, maybe not all of the games (in the 90’s anyway), but you get the point. As the years went on, the software got better and gambling reached a much wider audience as it became so easily accessible. As of 2012, online gambling is really popular and the amount of people playing online have widely surpassed the amount of people playing the land based casinos.

So which type of gambling is better? Well, we’re not going to decide for you, as there are pro’s and con’s for both, so it really comes down to your individual preferences. The thing we like about playing online is that everything is just at your hands; you don’t need to walk around or deal with anything else, and just focus 100% on your game. There are no external distractions that you can’t control, and as for the gaming experience itself, it’s safe to say that computer technology have reached a point where the games are designed so well that it’s not much different from “the real thing”. Besides, online casino sites, such as LbAupestas, often offer other types of gambling than just casino games, like sports betting.

From a social point of view, land based casinos are obviously a better choice. If you are someone who wants the full experience, meet new people, watching the dealers and the players then we definitely recommend that you visit a land based casino when the mood strikes.

This, of course, is not a one way path you have to follow! Some people like playing online as much as they like playing in “real” casinos. I recommend you to read some more guides about both online gaming as well as live gambling in order to build your own opinion. A great site with a lot of material on this is the Spanish site!

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