When to lay a good hand down

As a regular poker gamer I can assure that poker cannot be taken as a past time, at least until the creation of the internet. When it comes to poker online so much effort has been put to make it fun, accessible and neat that it is very difficult not to have a good time with it.

The majority of sites reflect a happy vibe atmosphere in which you can relax from home and enjoy the commodities of an online room. Support chat and other gamers can really hype up the way you experience the site. Although the game itself has a very serious kind of atmosphere surrounding it, the mind set is for the user to have fun. However, I always think it’s a good idea to play with at least a little strategy in the game (you can find good strategy guides here!), as there’s no need for you to just throw your money away, which brings us to todays topic:

Should you ever fold pocket aces?

Getting two aces, or Pocket Rockets as they are commonly referred to as, is the best possible hand you can have preflop. This means you will always be a favorite to win the pot before the flop, turn and river are dealt, no matter what cards your opponents are holding. The only exception is if someone else on the same table has been dealt the other two aces and sits with the same hand as you, in which case you both have the same chances of winning. If you would like to learn more about odds in poker, follow this link!

The more players that join the pot, the less chance your hand will have of winning – but so will everyone else’s to. So in a money game, if all the people at the table are moving all in before the flop it would still make sense for you to move in, as the hand will still be a favorite to win against any hand. Even though you might still lose, you will win in the long run by doing so. But that’s only for money games.

The only time it could be considered reasonable to fold pocket aces before the flop, is when you play tournaments, and even then, if you play enough tournaments you will probably gain in the long run by always moving in with AA. However, if the prize for the tournament is really high and it means a lot two you (find out more about casino and poker tournaments on webites such as pokeronline.pw, you can actually consider folding pocket aces in this scenario: If you are on the button and being dealt AA, and the three people that act before you move in on you, and they all have more money than you do, and you know them to be rather tight players meaning that you will be up against AA, AK, KK or QQ. In this case, your pre flop chances of winning the pot might actually be under 50%, and knowing that the possibility of two of your opponents getting defeated can take you higher up the prize pool, you might want to fold your pocket rockets in this particular situation.

For more useful info on poker strategies, i recommend you visit a great site I found the other day at pokerz.es!

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